Phellinus igniarius
While in Switzerland in September 2006 taking part in the World Master Mountain Running Championships I ran past several of these signs which I went back and photographed the next day. They take their edible fungi seriously in Switzerland and three of the signs on the "Fungi route" are shown here. Most of the fungi in Switzerland are the same as in Wales although one of these is one that does not and that is is the Amanita Caesarea
Boletus erythropus

24th August 2006 while being driven back from the pub saw this in the headlights panicked the driver by shouting stop, leapt out the car and picked this thinking it was a cep.
obviously not! but well worth stopping for
Did get 2 ceps that evening though
ceps which can be very well camouflaged during the day stand out like a beacon at night.
Its not however a good idea to drive and foray at the same time!

More Erythropus pics

Oudmansiella radicata
commonly known as Rooting Shank
Fungi of Madeira     Fungi of Madeira Update and Slideshow

Cortinarius croceus Growing in several small groups in needle litter at the side of our house.(16th October 2004)

Accidental Lepista Growing Does anyone grow these commercially? Well my wife has accidentally encouraged a very prolific colony of these fungi in both her greenhouses and also in her carrot store in the garage. The population in her largest greenhouse has been producing for over 2 months with more to come. More pictures

Fungus foray with RSPB Young Explorers 11th October 2003

Mycena polygramma and hygrophoropsis aurantiaca (the false chanterelle)

Coed Garth Gell 29th Sept 2003

Tooth fungi in Wales

Shiitake Jake Nuttall

Cortinarius rubellus

Cortinarius rubellus aka speciosissimus aka orellanoides

Not often that I can identify a cortinarius with certainty but I'm fairly sure I've got this one right. There were eight of these in two small groups amongst beech and pine trees.

Dusseldorf Hofgarten


Hygrophoropsis aurantiaca (The False Chanterelle) NEW Fungi of New Orleans

Fungi on Miscellaneous substrates

What are these?

Pseudocraterellus sinuosus Calocera viscosa (x4) Foray January 19th 2000 Links to Other Pages Credits Hypholoma fasiculare

Wonderful picture of colony on treestump

OK very common but I like it. Aniseed Toadstool Trouble with cortinarius Bowl of dried Fungi Cartoon 94kb

Reproduced without permission from The Times of March 27th 1999

Cartoon 2

Pleurotus ostreatus grown on toilet rolls More Pictures

If you want to do this yourself then contact Ann Millers Speciality Mushrooms on 01467 671315

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Fungi on Tree Stumps Jelly fungi

More Fungi on Treestumps Dung fungi

Fungi on Fungi Fungi on Miscellaneous substrates

Now I've grabbed your attention I shall bore you with a few details. This part of my web page is for displaying my own collection of Fungi pictures. A substantial part of the collection will be available for other collectors to download and use in non commercial purposes. The author reserves copyright for commercial uses. I also intend to respond to e.mail requests for pictures from my index by putting them on my web page within an appropriate time period


The author is not an expert mycologist and there will be the occasional mistake in identification. I am not going to spend my life looking down a microscope at the knobbly bits on spores but I am going to enjoy taking the pictures and providing a small amount of information to accompany each one. (Update... It looks like I will have to modify this statement and substitute the word not with the word occasionally) Viewers should e.mail meif they discover any obvious mistakes.

Hygrocybe nigrescens The Hygrocybe Collection This is a big file. Be patient.

Pine fire fungus Lentinus.......? Fungi on Rams Horn HAPPY BIRTHDAY

ASTONISHING PEZIZA CROP January Fungi The Big Tree The Blob

HELP me identify these "Unknown purple resupinate fungus"

Index of Images

These are all jpg images mostly of about 25kb each

Amanita excelsa 

Amanita muscaria 

Amanita phalloides?

Amanita phalloides var verna  

Amanita vaginata 

Amanita ........  



Badhamia utricularis

Bjerkandera adusta

Boletus chrysenteron

Boletus edulis  

Boletus parasiticus

Bulgaria inquinans

Bracket fungus

Calocera cornea 

Calocera viscosa

Ceratiomyxa fruticulosa

Cheilymenia theleboloides

Chlorosplenium aeruginascens 

Chondrostereum purpureum

Clavulinopsis helvola

Clavulia cristata

Clavulina rugosa  

Clitocybe dealbata

Clitocybe odora

Coprinus domesticus

Coprinus micaceus

Coprinus stercoreus

Cordyceps militaris

Coriolus versicolour

Crucibulum laeve 

Cudoniella acicularis

Daedalea quercina

Daedalea quercina

Deconica coprophilia

Entoloma clypeatum 

Entoloma corvinum

Entoloma nitidum

Exidia truncata

Flammulina velutipes

Fuligo septica 

Geastrum striatum  

Geastrum .......

Gloeophyllum sepiarium

Hydnum repandum

Hygrocybe calyptriformis 

Hygrocybe cantharellus

Hygrocybe conica

Hygrocybe helobia

Hygrocybe lacmus

Hygrophoropsis aurantiaca

Hygrocybe langei

Hygrocybe marchii  

Hygrocybe nigrescens

Hygrocybe pratensis v. pallida 

Hygrocybe virginea (cf nivea)

Hygrocybe punicea

Hypholoma fasiculare

Inocybe jurana 

Laccaria amethystea

Laccaria laccata

Lactarius deterrimus  

Lactarius tabidus?  

Lactarius piperatus 

Lactarius pubescens

Laetiporus sulphureus  

Leptopodia elastica

Libertella faginella


Marasmius ........

Marasmius androsaceus  

Marasmius rotula 

Mitrula paludosa

Mycena acicula

Mycena lactea

Mycena swartzii


Omphalina luteovitellina


Onygena equina

Panaeolus semiovatus  

Panaeolus sphinctrinus 

Paxillus panuoides 

Phellinus hippophaecola

Phellinus punctatus

Pholiota flammans 

Pholiota squarrosa 

Piptoporus betulinus

Pleurotus ostreatus




Pleurotus ostreatus

Pluteus cervinus

Polyporus brumalis

Polyporus brumalis

Polyporus schweinitzii

Polyporus squamosus

Psilocybe coprophila

Psathyrella sarcocephala  NEW

Pseudoclitocybe cyathiporus

Pseudoclitocybe cyathiporus

Psilocybe semilanceata

Reticularia lycoperdon

Rhizina undulata

Rugosomyces carneus  

Scleroderma citrinum 

Suillus luteus

Suillus grevillei

Stropharia aurantiaca  

Tremella foliacea

Tremella mesenterica

orange galerina/tubaria? ........

Unidentified white resupinate


Hendre Berfedd:- My home in North Wales

Cwmeisian Uchaf:-Next door but one.

Cwmeisian Ganol:-Next door but two.

Cwmeisian Isa:-   Next door but three.

Hafod Fraith:-Next door

Beddcoedwr:-Across the river

Pant Glas:-Across the river and upstream a bit.

Abergeirw Mawr:-Home of another mycologist a mile through the forest.

Tarvin Sands, Chester UK :- Site of my Electroforming business.

Ganllwyd:-  A village on the Dolgellau to Portmadog road 5 miles from Hendre Berfedd

Primrose Wood:- Part of Delamere Forest near my former home at Kelsall,Cheshire UK

The Cottage:- My former home in Kelsall, Cheshire UK

Camera details

All pictures to 11th December 1998 were taken with a Casio QV-10C Digital Camera bought in early 1996 for 470. The camera holds up to 96 pictures but the author(and a business acquaintance) found the main drawback is the short lifetime of the batteries (4 AA size).

Picture processing

Pictures were transferred from the camera as *.cam files to the QV-PC software supplied with the camera. They were then saved as *.bmp files to Paint Shop Pro 3.11 The *.bmp files were opened within Paint Shop Pro and saved as *.jpg files to my home page directory and finally to the server. Unfortunately the camera software will not convert the *.cam files directly to *.jpg which would make life simpler. UPDATE I now have on order a Sony FV81 Mavica and keenly await being able to use it. UPDATE UPDATE New camera received Look at this!!

Fungi on Stamps

The author also collects fungi on stamps. Approximately 120 per annum is enough to purchase all the new issues from around the world each year. A useful mycophilatelic link

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