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Quality Machinable Electroplated Copper

R A Chilton Ltd are a Specialist Copper Electroplating Company. Our expertise is in thick copper electroforming on to steel, and we specialise in producing solid copper squirrel cage rotors on steel shafts.

  • Thick Copper Build Up
  • Copper Fill Grooves or other Profile
  • Machinable to Final Form
  • Development Work for new Applications
  • Non Corrosive Copper Process
  • Rack Plating in Small or Medium Batches
  • Medium Size Parts Requiring Individual Jigging
  • Copper on Steel, Brass, Carbon or other Substrate
  • High Tensile Strength Copper
  • Excellent Adhesion to Steel for High Speed Copper Rotors
Copper on Carbon

Copper Squirrel Cage

Copper on Brass Bearing

Copper Rotor Section

Our News
September 2015
Surface World Exhibition

Bob Chilton and Wendy Chilton will be attending on 24th September please contact us if you would like to meet up.

June 2015
Exhibition Month

Subcon Exhibition 2nd-4th June, IMF Fair 9th-10th June

April 2015

Wilbert the Steam Engine from the Dean Forest Railway, now has a refurbished bearing. Copper plating provided by R A Chilton.

January 2015

R A Chilton is now a sustaining Member of the Institute of Materials Finishing.

Contact Us
R A Chilton Ltd

Unit 5 Tarvin Sands Industries
Barrow Lane
01829 749224