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Research and Development

We have a well equipped research facility to perform microstructural analysis on the electroplated copper and the substrate material. We also perform microhardness testing, tensile testing, adhesion testing, and short and long term testing of the thermal performance of the copper.


Electroplating Development Baths 5-50litres

Ultrasonic Cleaning Baths 1-50 litres

PurAir P20 Fume Cabinet

Polishing Facility: Single, Twin and 5 disc polishers.

Micrography: Olympus BX51M Microscope up to 1000x magnification.

Inspection: Brunel Microscope with Camera.

Hardness Tester: Buehler Micromet 5101

Tensile Tester: Tinius Olsen H25KT

Heat Treatment: Carbolite and LLG ovens, up to 250C

Adhesion Test Rig


Olympus BX51M for Metallurgy, and Brunel Microscope for Quality Inspection.

Tensile Testing

Tinius Olsen HK25T for tensile testing of electroplated copper samples.

Sample Inspection

Section of a copper rotor for microstructural analysis.

Purair PP20 Cabinet
Fume Cabinet

Fume Cabinet for Chemical Process Development.

Titanium Microstructure
titanium micrograph

Etched surface of A1 Titanium.

Fine Grain Copper <0.001mm
copper micrograph

Electroplated copper has a fine grain size. Much smaller than cast or cold worked copper.

Annealed grains
copper micrograph

Heat Treated Copper showing annealing twins.


All pictures in this section taken by Wendy Chilton and Bob Chilton on our Olympus BX51M Microscope. Please enquire if you would like high resolution images or if you have specific request for copper microstructure examples we would be happy to help.

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